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Some thoughts:

Big plus that it's a separate system with somewhat new mechanic. The game needs to be diverse.

I don't quite understand why it's a pet thing.
You don't feed it, doesn't work like a pet, doesn't influence or overlap in any way with other pets, so.... wouldn't it be simpler to give it a cool new art (possibly changing with levels) and make it an army of Mercenaries? Trained war dogs / beasts? Fanatical cult followers?
Something like that.

Overall this is all nice but I hope Playa is planning some bigger content in the future.
I have to say i seem to be making less and less decisions in the game.

There was planning with Fortress and Underworld but that's finished.
I had to manage inventory with 10k items for Witch ... gone.
and Fruits.... gone.
Now planning for gem mining is going away.

Less and less to think about = boredom.