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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
I see but shouldn't be officers be active and therefore not weak? If an officer was one of the founding members and a close friend of the guild leader for example but then he stopped playing, having him as an officer does not make much sense as he does not log in or play anyway. I understand that he should have a special rank but we had to choose the 25 players taken for guild pet calculations somehow.

In one of my guilds I also demoted an officer because his level weakened the guild pet but he didn't really play the game anymore anyway.
An officer also has access to certain things in the guild, such as kicking members and inviting people, you can't just mass force everyone to change the way they rank people; officer should be given to thrustworthy people, not just to players that have a high level, and also have a certain class... and stats... and activity...
You are creating a wall for all players, it's not even a damn paywall...

I wouldn't care about this since I think it's only fair to let everyone have access to the same things; basically everyone in my guild is an officer because I am more of a teamplayer; but what about the guild leaders that have some thrustworthy friends in their guild and don't want to promote others 'cause of scepticism? Or maybe some incidents in the past, who knows.

You know actually, giving officer to literally everyone in the guild has its downsides, sometimes people started random attacks/raids or kicked people from invites totally random so I just had to make rules... limiting people when you have the ability to not do it is just dumb..

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