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Oh! the 1 picture I was allowed to show is a secondary character..
And she is Pushing hard and is less then 2 years old in playing. And almost as high as my Main 1st character that is many years old. And he is fighting in the Dark dungeons in the 400+. And my primary goes back and forth from Gold to leveling, and has pushed over 100 levels in a year. My secondary has better stats(IMO)(higher str and INT) and is very close to passing my Primary. So go Figure. Think most of it is the changes in game that were done, rather then my playing, it put allot more into Advancing and pushing the characters Up.. My 2nd has not had a hard time beating anyone and has Zoomed past with hardly a challenge. Even in the Dungeons.

Its still the same analogy..
2 cars going down the road, maybe 1 mile apart. As long as they go the same speed, there is no catching up.

My character lvl 379...393364 honor
Str 4539 base 3782
dex 21,562 4877
int 4615 3703
con 14,565 4434
Luck 13,755 3866
Armour 16,250

2nd lvl 340......299653 honor
str 7123 Base 3141
dex 15,893 3368
int 5828 3141
con 15,553 3242
luck 12,201 3046
Armour 12,140
Iv pushed my 2nd to be Min/max, but it isnt doing much. you can see the Dex and base are great, but Int and Str are higher then my main?? And my 2nd has not hit the 10m restriction...I stopped her dex, before she hit 10m cost.(love that gear.)

Lets look at #1 player.
lvl 532 honor 1,353,939
Str 95,653 base 39166
Dex 18,864 3667
Int 17719 3855
Con 69340 22720
Luck 29428 3428

Int/dex is about 6-1, My primary is only got about 1000 over my base. and the Diff of my best skill over my Int/str is about 5x And his is about the same.. and as I was saying about my 2nd character, She is a monster.
i really dont want to go into drops, and finding stuff to Rig my Primary, but its changed to include that idiot of a Wheel of chance...and the rest has gone away(almost)

Just to point out, Im on the oldest server on my Primary. and I can guess the number if players in Under 10%..and most of us are at the top ranges. so there are allot of Big jumps and Individual battles to win of strong build characters.
And the analogy of the cars Sticks..
I dont know the leveling, but even in DND, its almost Double for every level to gain..and at 10m per point...the Top isnt slowing down its static with everyone playing. And I dont see many personal combats in the last year. 2 at most. because we all have good builds. the line of cars is now a car jam.
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