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Let me get this right cause you think you are not catching up to the top player (obviously he has played longer and is or at least was shrooming) that you want the cost of stat point to go above 10 mill per point. If this is the case you are to put it nicely cra cra. if both of you are doing the same thirst daily you are gainging on him for one it take more exp to gain a lvl then you ( till I believe lvl 390) and you earn more exp per quest on average then him as the higher the lvl you get after lvl 390. also after lvl 390 the less exp you earn from quests, arena, underworld and fortress.

Gold goes up from guard duty as you lvl so that is the only bonus to being a higher lvl but the amount earned is so small to make little to no difference.

As someone else said you toons are built bad; I wouldn't say bad but not ideal the reduced damage from off stats doesn't make up the loss of HP and damage you would have gained by putting more towards those.
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