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Originally Posted by ECAsh View Post
So the higher they go, the more they make..Hmmm.. That makes things even worse. As his points are Equal to what I have to use, but he gets more money to do it.. you cant catch him.

Even if the comparison, for level is about the same % of wont catch up, as by the time you even get near his level, he would have placed the Same amount of points into his abilities, as I have, over the time to get to his level.

And the secondary skills do have an impact, and even his Base skills are higher then mine..Its a debate I had along time ago. Iv played this game since just after the start when they still had 1 server.
And even looking at his build, he has a problem, as a fighter he has gone with STR more then Con.
Iv also noted that the Clothing he has has pushed him 5-7 times his base.. rather then mine doing about 3 times..

Oh, well. what ever..
What were you expecting, someone that started in 2017 be able to catch up with the 2010 players? That doesn't even make sense...

You may catch up in level (the xp you get in missions decreases each level past lvl 393), but you'll never be able to catch in stats - UNLESS, you spend tons of money upgrading your gem mine and getting the best items for yourself.
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