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Wheel Of Fortune - Spend extra mushrooms to customize the wheel (for instance, no mushrooms, no crystals, etc. etc.)
Wheel of Fortune is the rng part. Rng drop rate usually in games a 0 hour development and players spend lots of times. For Example in MMO-s dugeons raids for equipment loots. Here in S&F rng is about balance. I don't support to create a new unbalanced version, but yes I feel too there are problems with wheel of fortune 2.0 too. For example why there is small exp option?

Blacksmith - Spend extra mushrooms to allow Blacksmith to change 5-stat Epics to 3-stat Epics and vice versa applicable to the class of the player.
Why not, good one, but that option would be avaiable as a new option in wheel of fortune too.

Witch - Spend extra mushrooms to allow the capability to switch out "wood" "stone" and "souls" accumulated during "Forest Rarities". (wood for stone, stone for souls, souls for wood, etc. etc.)
I don't think we need more than 1MM capacity for souls and 2MM capacity for wood and stone, that is more than enough, but yes there are problems with this, need more way to spend these resources. For example you can speed your buildings with theese materials for example 1% resources 1 hour? too small?

Fortress/Underworld - Increase Fortress, Heart of Darkness, and associated buildings an additional 5-10 levels (add option to swap wood, stone, souls between Fortress and Underworld as well).
No hell no! Pls no! I need more ~450 day to lvl up all fortress building to lvl20 insane! If they raise the lvl cap then rebalance pls the times! Lower lvls need lower times pls! Or after lvl15 fortess you can unlock for wood+stone second building slot. after lvl20 third building slot! Or they need implement more systems more daily activites, because fortress is not a motivation

But new opions to swaps why not.

OPD (Once Per Day) - Spend extra mushrooms to allow a feature to collect 24 hours worth of resources (with a 24 hour timer) so you don't have to login every 6 hours (or more frequently) to gather resources (all of the above + city guard, etc.).
Why not, but here I would like a better balance! not 24 hours but 1 week! and not automatically collect rather temporarily raise the capacity for mushrooms. You need log in to collect! And of cource all resource capacity need rebalance minimum 16 hours enough free space needed without mushrooms! That is insane 4+ times a day need to log in to collect gold for example.

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