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So if someone is having an issue none of you are going to bother picking up a phone or emailing the “third party” and let them know there is an issue. I’m so confused by this.... it doesn’t matter who is responsible, I don’t have any access to the third party at all. In the end it is still your responsibility if your customers are experiencing an issue to use your resources and what the customer provides you and to work with the third party until the issue is resolved not reply to the person who you are trying to support and say “we are not responsible for this” playa games themselves added a mechanics to the game which need this feature for example “collect 1000 lucky coins” if your not going to support ads in any way shape or form and just decide to be lazy and not send my videos or emails off to this said third party then you ar won’t supporting a feature that you have placed in the game. The bottoms line all excuses aside is that we as customers have or had no power in this issue and instead of pushing me to the side, you should have served as mine our our advocate and worked with this third party to resolve this issue. But again, all I’m seeing in this forum are excuses. It’s all or nothing guys.....

How would you feel if an electric pole broke outside your house and the electric company didn’t fix it “because it’s the lumber companies issue” this is litterally that exact same scenario. This wouldn’t ever happen because the electric company would report it on our behalf and work with the lumber company to get a new pole.....

That is how it should be but instead all I see are excuses.... like it is really sad and disheartening that you guys think it is ok.....

Plus Leander I told you months ago it was an issue, then when you guys announced a fix I send you an email back telling you it’s working and your reply is “no it was a separate issue”

What should have happened is you should have replied and asked me for information I can actually provide to help correct the issue. Instead you reply asking for things that don’t exist on the client side, then when I tell you that I can’t come up with a “video ID” you pretty much told me to pound sand and that you do t care that I was having an issue. I sent you videos showing that there was no “video ID” that could be obtained. What you should have done is thanked me and opened a case with this said third party. But no, you instead decided to deflect me like I’m a no one and start spewing out a bunch of crap about why you don’t want to even try and fix the issue. I work customer support for a living it’s all about what you do and how you treat people. But asking us for something that doesn’t exist and telling us that you aren’t responsible for something is not reasonable or something you should do. This would have been a very different conversation if you had simply been honest with me from the start instead of deflecting and sending me down the rabbit hole to look for something that doesn’t exist.

I could have opened a ticket and helped you guys work with third party by providing you videos had you given the effort but no one wanted to pick up a phone or send an e-mail to them it seems. Seems all we got as customers was treated like a joke and excuses as to why not instead of trying to correct the issue. All I was simply saying is you have time for 5000+ posts on the forum but not enough time to send a simple email to the ad company(or
Give them a call)and reply back that you are working with them for me? You guys could have met me known it was already a known issue that you guys are working on, but no one appeared to have done so. I understand English may be a second or third language but do me a favor and go to your local college and find an English professor. Ask them to analyze the email you have sent and they will tell you the exact thing I am now.

It appears as if you guys are doing nothing for the issue

You are just finding reasons why you can’t help me instead of exploring the options that you do have available

You attempted to deceive me and lied to me by asking for a video I’d which we can’t obtain on the client side.

I’m not trying to be a jerk or sore on this issue but you guys seriously need to understand that beyond the excuses you guys had several things you could have done but chose not too. Those choices you made have shown your lack of concern that your customers and clients show have an issue. I too have developed apps on the App Store, I know how ads work. You get paid when people view ads, albeit only like a penny an ad but it adds up. So also by not working with me you lost your company several dollars a month from me alone five the last few months. Say 10000 people had the issue theres $20,000 you tossed down the drain simply because you didn’t want to send an email or pick up a phone to call the ad company.

Have I made my self clear enough to where you see my point yet? If I haven’t then there really is no hope for anyone here...

If you really think that you are right about the way I was treated and how you acted then please, please, please invite the CEO, CFO, owner of playa games to view this post and forward my emails to them. Please let him give me a phone call telling me I’m wrong here. Maybe I will ask him for a “soul ID” or something like that he can’t provide as a means of deflection so he can clearly understand there is an issue.
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