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Originally Posted by skulleater View Post

I have been trying to contact the shakes and fidget support for months now, regarding my account.

I wanted to set a password so I could log in on mobile and browser before I went on vacation (this will be in a few weeks).

At one point I succeeded in getting a mail from shakes and fidget to verify my account and get a password. Clicking on the link in the mail told me that I already verified it but I never got a mail or the free shrooms you get when you do so.

I Tried all the passwords and different e-mail addresses I could think of but still no luck.

I contacted the shakes and fidget support 4 times in the past 4 months and I still didn't get a response.

Can I please get in contact with someone from the team so they can reset and help me set my password?

My name is skulleater from international world 7.

- Skulleater
I assume you are playing on steam if you don't have a password. PM Leander here and tell him what is going on as he is only one that can help you from here.
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