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Default Achievements - Official Guide


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Every unlocked achievement gives a +5 bonus to all attributes. If you have 18/50, you get a total bonus of +90 to all attributes for example.
Some of the achievements below are easy, some are for high level-players and some are crazy. Sometimes an achievement that requires items does not unlock. Unequip an item and equip it again to solve this issue.

Finally 18: reach level 18

Globetrotter: visit all locations in one day. Locations are the 21 regions in the game. Black Forest, Black Water Swamp, Busted Lands, Erogenion, Evernight Forest, Flooded Caldwell, Gnarogrim, Maerwynn, Magmaron, Moldy Forest, Nevermoor, Northrunt, Plains of Oz'Korr, Rotten Lands, Shadowrock Mountain, Skull Island, Split Canyon, Sprawling Jungle, Sunburn Desert, Stumble Steppe, Tusk Mountain.

Dragon Rider: have a Dragon Griffin or Griffin Dragon mount

Naturism: be 24 hours without equipment but in one go! Hint: play as many quests on day 1, then unequip your items. Then equip them again on day 2 and use the remaining hours to do quests. This way, you do not lose gold and XP from quests.

Rip-off Rip-off: beat the Gambler 3 times in a row, either with gold or mushrooms

Heavy Spinner: spin the Wheel 20 times a day

Square Eyes: collect 1,000 Lucky Coins

Lucky Fellow: find 100 mushrooms on quests

Raider: raid 100 fortresses

Invincible: win the first 10 arena fights of the day (the ones you get XP for)

Song of the Blacksmith: hoard 10,000 arcane resources

Sky is the Limit: improve an item 10 times

Miner: mine 100 things

Collecting Mania: scrapbook 90% complete

Anniversary: play for 1 year

For Seven Days: play 7 days in a row. You have to log in every day but leaving the game open does not count.

Always On: play 30 days in a row. You have to log in every day but leaving the game open does not count.

Reliable: be actively involved in a guild for 10 taking part in guild attacks and defenses and fighting in the guild portal

Elite Guild: reach 5,000 Guild Honor

Big Spender: spend 10 on personal guild skill

Elite: reach level 200

Tip of the Iceberg: reach level 300

Superhero: reach level 400

Epic Superhero: reach level 500

Jeweler: have gems in all equipped items

Black Gold: wear only items with black gems

Fashion-conscious: wear 6 items of a set for your class, check out the second post in this thread for the sets of each class.

Epic Purist: have only epics equipped

Epic Companions: equip companions with epics only

Alter Ego: cmplete the Magic Mirror

Witchcraft: wear only enchanted items (the Witch enchants your items)

Pet Lover: find the pet nest

Urgent Need: find the Toilet Key, the key to the Arcane Toilet

Shadow World Cruise: defeat the first enemy in Shadow World

Pat Fattening: feed pets 15 times in one day

Animal Trainer: upgrade a pet to level 100

Petshop Boy: reach 5,000 Pet Honor

Cryptozoologist: find all pets

Shroomer: buy mushrooms from the dealer

Storyteller: clear the Tower

Boss of Easteros: clear Easteros (dungeon 14)

Dark Wanderer: clear Demon Portal (single player)

Shadow Player: clear Shadow World

Twister Tamer: clear the Twister

Mule: fully upgrade your backpack (20 slots) and fill them with items. Hint: temporarily unequip your items or use your companions's gear if you don't have enough items in your backpack.

King of Kings: reach 5,000 Fortress Honor

The Count: upgrade all buildings to level 15

The King: fully upgrade all buildings

Collect 'Em All: collect all 49 previous achievements

Metropolis: upgrade all Underworld buildings to level 15

Big City: upgrade all Underworld buildings to level 10

Small City: upgrade all Underworld buildings to level 5

Gold Storage: mine 25 million

Soul Storage: reap 25 million Souls

Slaughterer of the Best: defeat Hall of Fame rank 1 in your Underworld (normal Hall of Fame, not Underworld Hall of Fame!)

Top 100 Topper: defeat a top 100 hero in your Underworld (normal Hall of Fame)

Top 1000 Topper: defeat a top 1000 hero in your Underworld (normal Hall of Fame)

Horror of Heroes: defeat 1000 heroes in your Underworld

Time Hole: have 25 straight quests in your time machine

Academic Orders: clear the Time-honored School of Magic (Shadow)

Good vs. Evil: clear Hemorridor (Shadow)

Commentary Cracker: clear the Continuous Loop of Idols

Dehydration: behead the Hydra with the decisive blow

Deep Mining Master: upgrade mine and gold pit to level 50

Special Agent: complete 100 daily missions

St. Nicholas: unequip shoes and put 'em in inventory on December 6, 00:01

Reinvent the Wheel: find the enhanced Wheel of Fortune

Second Screen: play on different devices

Day X: we'll let you know when the time has come (random achievement)

Rune Millionaire: collect 1 million runes in the Arena Manager

Runes, runes, runes: collect 1 trillion runes in the Arena Manager

Capitalist: collect 1 quintillion runes in the Arena Manager

Stinking rich: collect 1 septillion runes in the Arena Manager

Rune Master: collect 1 decillion runes in the Arena Manager

Arena Manager: upgrade all attractions of the Arena Manager to level 25

Lancelot: find the Holy Grail

Door Opener: open all doors of the Advent calendar

Odin: defeat the Nordic Gods

Loki: defeat the Nordic Gods (Shadow)

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