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Guild update - international ranking: seems a really good solution to replace the servers fusion! Wouldn't thought about this, well played Playa Games! One question though: does only the top1 hero/guild of each COUNTRY fight for the 'international crown', or every top1 hero/guild of each SERVER?

Shakes & Fidget remastered: Nothing to say here, looks like a new and fresh version of the game, can't give my opinion about the graphics because I haven't seen any (besides the link provided of the tavern ). When will this be released?

Don't want to be ungrafetul, but will we have new content besides this awesome-new mechanics? (dungeons, monsters, items, wtv )

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EDIT: I recognize that recoding from 0 an entire game is an hard task, and I congratulate Playa for it. But imagine this: what if, instead of taking 1 year and 3 months to design new graphics for the game, they could use that amount of time to create new classes, new dungeons, new portals, whatever it could be...? I think the graphics will be amazing but that's not a priority.

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