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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
first off if you suspect any cheating report it don't name any names here as you can get in trouble for not following the rules of the forum. secondly there are ways for guild to earn gold quickly. one is selling dungeon keys for gold 2500 gold per key and as the 2nd poster said you earn gold for each griffin mount you buy which is based on players toon lvl. So is it possible to max guild out in a day or 2 yes but is not easy.
Dungeon keys dont pay you 250 gold anymore.

Members just create tons of accounts, 300 thirst + gold bonus, donate all the gold to the guild and then just delete fake accounts.

This is not cheating, but it's kinda a cheat bobo.

And banning fake accounts is irrelevant, gold is already in the guid as jimbo said.