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The point of this threat is stat u don't want in the pool of random stat of common items the main stat of your character because u never get a main class item when u throw it (u put a bow and get back another bow) exeption for trinket and amulet..
But wc is something that work with luck.
Think to Wc as Fortune wheel when u spin u may want all time or but there is a lot of possibility and u get few time what u want.
And u should thx playa for make impossible get another bow couz 99% of time u want to wear other 2 follower with common items couz u have only shadow world as other way to dress them

Should open another threat but as u go mad about wc..
I Think that fortune attribute need restailing on high lvl:
Something like increase drop item on mission (also urglass and mush), increase crit damage, crit cap or just change that pathetic formula
Luck attribute is something that is totally outdate in this game more then gold cap but this is just my opinion.

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