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Most of the Kickstarter rewards are self-explanatory but some aren't that clear. Here's more information:

Signed "Thank You" card:
A small card signed by all devs

Fashionable apron:
Well, an apron so you can cook special S&F meals with

Pin-up calendar:
Includes hot and saucy S&F drawings

Exclusive frame for S&F Mobile:
A special frame for your S&F - The game account only Kickstarter backers can get

x mushrooms for S&F Mobile:
Mushrooms for your S&F - The game account

Cartoon-you in the game:
Marvin Clifford will turn your photo into a character that will turn up in the adventure's Race. Your character will appear in the crowd.

Your cartoon portrait framed:
The character described above will be printed (canvas) and delivered to you by snail mail

Your portrait in S&F mobile:
The character described above will be added to your S&F - The game account, replacing your normal avatar

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