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You observe wrong, caus you deduce with one example [...]

How much times you need to repeat a fight in exact same conditions to observe right? Thousands, easily. It's called make statistics.

There is a part of RNG on fights on this game. A HUGE part or RNG. First, for every turn the damage change:
turn 1: A attack: basic damage
turn 2: B attack: damage X1.2
turn 3: A attack: damage X1.4
turn 4: B attack: damage X1.6
turn 5: A attack: dodge/parry
turn 6: B attack: damage X2

Second, there is an other RNG part on each attacks. It comes from what I call weapon dispersion:
You don't know this values for pets, fortress and underworld units but it doesn't mean it's not here.

Third, we know if a hit are critical the damage are around X2, but we don't even know if there is no RNG in it too. It could be a random value between X1.95 and X2.05 for example.

So please don't conclude on a single fight what you will need thousands more to be sure of what you say...
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