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Wink Fighters (Ger) looking for a guild

Let me introduce myself:
My name is Glorin, one of the last dwarfs from the clan of iron dwarfs.
We were attacked from furios creatures coming from the deepest dephts of our beloved mines.
Just a few were able to barely safe their souls, so that our clan continue to exist and we can seek revenge for what happened to us.
Now my mates and me are looking for a home, where we can stay and regain our power.

About us:
We are experienced fighters, who are willing to fight for the victory.
We are friendly, loyal and use our 100 thirst for adventure daily.
Of course we are long-term activ, so you can definitely count on us!

We are:

Glorin (also on s31, s34, s36 and w1)
Fluffy Unicorn (also on s31, s34 and w1)
Cassidy (also on s31, s34, s36 and w1)

We are looking for a (preferable german speaking) guild, with ambitious members to fight our way to the top.
When you want us in your guild, just send me a message here or ingame.

„I believe in the fans. I believe in metal more than anybody you've ever met. And another thing, I'm prepared to die for metal. Are you?“

– Joey DeMaio

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