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Default Mature Mages Society - W16 - English Speaking

Reposting as a fresh new Guild Post. Total concept change.

Greetings. I've had this Guild now for a while and am building it up. I'm looking for gamers to come together and have fun. I would like those who either speak fluent English or have a fair understanding of it.

Ideally, I'd like to keep the "Mages Guild" idea, but am happy to accept interested members who would be the Society's "defensive members" (Fighters & Rangers).

Fortress Levels:
Level 20 Fortress = 20 Members
Level 31 Treasure = 62% Gold Bonus
Level 34 Instructor = 68% XP Bonus

Gold Contributions = At least 3 Hours/Day Guard Duty to Guild
Better than 3 Days/Week Activity
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