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I'm OK with the new graphics (I mean, I barely saw them so far lol). Like I previously said, I'm more focused on content than design. So let's talk about it.

New class? Alright, I like the idea of a new "power", but I'm getting sick of this "laziness". Don't get me wrong, will definitely test this new class, and I'm happy with this surprise by Playa (thank you!). And I love how you embrace the idea of creating new classes. But, can you, please, stop using existing items on new classes? Next time you make a new one, do the full job: new items, new "powers" if you want, I'm good with it using an existing stat (strength, for example), but let's stop with this mixes of classes and call it new, shall we?

Besides that, love how the devs created more space in the game for future features, and once I finish a new concept I'm working on, I will release it in the suggestions page so you can take a look at it.

I'm going to be on w27, testing out the new class and helping with any existing bugs in order to fix the problems asap. I will do my part, so I hope that you, Playa, can do yours.

Overall, congratulations for the 3.0!
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