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Default Demon Portal Issues

I noticed the Demon Portal(s) are active on my servers (s2 and s3 dutch) and right away i noticed some (minor) things:

When you fight in the Guild Portal, the damage you do is shown in the Guild Chat as followed:

Player-X has caused 123 damage at "EnemyName%" in the demons portal (still 50 LP)
The % seems out of place and my guess this is the correct way:
Player X has cause 123 damage at "EnemyName" in the demons portal (still 50% LP)

Also all about the portal is in english, now that's no biggie but c'mon it so hard to at least try and translate it to a server's language?
It was stated that the demons-portal needed 'testing' and 'balancing' so we waited and i still feel like it's a rushed half-ass job

These english texts combined with the others (from the witch e.g.) make this game look very messy and unprofessional

How hard could it be to spend an hour in the database putting some server related translations instead of those out of place english text

Bitchin aside, the concepts of the demon portals seem nice, props for that
I do hope levels will get added soon (i can see guilds rushing those 10 lvls in no time) and that all those 'cosmetic' flaws get ironed out quickly

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