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Originally Posted by fidget View Post
Borb please dont be sarcastic.
On the start of some greek servers, lots of German or other players joined, ruled the HoF for some months with their own guilds, which they had with other similar levels and then disappeared. I mean they literally deleted their accounts. Why would anyone do that? I admit that the example of w13 may not be right, but you have to consider some of my points.
Do note that some might be banned for using improper methods for playing, like bots and such, or having multiple accounts and what not.

Assuming one or two people were behind this, it would make sense for a whole guild to disappear overnight.

As for some people levelling much faster than others -- do note that S&F does have a strategy component - if you're just blasting away doing quests without paying much attention, it's extremely easy for an organized player to blow you out of the water, even if you do the same thirst every day.

Some common pitfalls when powerleveling (there may be more!) :
- you start playing the game and don't get a 50% mount before your first quest, because you consider it a waste
- once you get to level 10, you continue questing. (You should spam the magic shop to get the scrapbook, and then spend ~100-150 shrooms to get it to at least 20% from lowbie PvP before doing a single quest more!).
- not being in a power levelled guild. Do note that if you want to powerlevel, ALL your resources (including gold) should go there, not helping your guild (your can support it via shrooms only), so you need a couple of buddies farming gold to support the guild in its first steps.
- ?? ( feel free to add more tips for fast leveling! )

Assuming you avoid the pitfalls above, you should ding lvl 20 with your first 300 thirst. Personally I like the challenge but it fades quickly, I did the at the launch of W12 and was top level player (and within top 5 of HoF) for the first few days. Don't remember the level I actually reached before getting bored and going back to my main toon on UK2.
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