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Originally Posted by merlination View Post
He is well known to the community at large as I am not the first he has done this to.

merlin mage corps
So are you suggesting that Playa know about this person and allow him to repeatedly break the rules????? How did they respond to the complaint you lodged? You say you send copies of his lost attacks back to his mailbox but wouldn't that make you a hypocrite as it is your mailbox you are most concerned about? Hard to understand why he would keep attacking you, especially if you say you have never responded in any way, well other than messaging him giving 'advice', getting your guild mates to attack him, filling his mailbox with junk, and coming on a public forum crying like a baby and calling him an idiot and accusing him of having an alt and a bot!?!? You seem such an innocent little thing in all of this, you should report the big bad bully and present all the evidence of him breaking game rules to Playa!!! I have used support before and have had players successfully suspended for breaking game rules, and they were from guilds better than yours too so don't give up hope

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