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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
KOMA90 what borb doesn't understand is those that don't attack don't do it because they don't want to get attacked back but because like me don't care for fortress period.

So as I said from the beginning if you want to attack ppl don't complain when you get so high up you cant keep up with defenses because you put yourself there by how you play not because it wasn't fair.
So if you dont care for fortress, you shouldnt mind being attacked right ? Instead, you are justifying this because it benefits you - thatīs pretty sad. I only want people to be Fair for everyone - if you dont like fortress, fine, but prepare to get looted. Thatīs how it should be.

For the milionth time - The way it is, you get punished for Attacking, and thatīs a problem and it can be abused. People will never attack and thus they will have super strong fortress and wont have to fear high ranked players and thus they will be Best, even though they are low ranked. Also they will save lot of time because they wont need to build up defenses - since high ranked players who are active in attacking wont simply be able to get attacked.

It should be by fortress level - this way,it will be fair towards everyone. People with high level and low rank wont have to hide and wont be able to abuse the system, and people who like fighting wont get farmed every 8 hours by high ranked players only because they have lower fortress and high rank.

Please guys, try to think about how the game should be fair for everyone, dont comment on this only because you want to gain advantage over others.