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Default Epic Collector tome S&F

Hi, I would just like to know if there's any chance that the collector tome that just showed up will still be available after the 500 copies are sold.. I personnally would love to get it !!
But only 500 isn't much, and i can't afford it at the moment, probably in a few months. And i'm pretty sure they will disappear in no time.
I know it's limited edition etc, but seriously..? it's already not that cheap for what it is, I won't complain about that, I just reaaally hope I can get one someday help i'm a huge shakes and fidget fan !!
(If someone is ready to buy it straight the day it's out for me, I'll pay 10 or 20 bucks more if you save it for me until mid january,(if it isn't available anymore lol) pm me to talk about it i'll do what it takes, and of course we'll have a real talk because i am serious and I won't "not take it in the end" and it has to be unopened etc i'll ask proofs)
Also, I live in Belgium so you got to be not too far..)
Thanks for all
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