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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
Wouldn't a mirror world be considered a lazy copy and paste idea? Some players don't like shadow world because of the copied gameplay. Having an entire world copied would be even worse, wouldn't it? Would your character start at level 1 in the mirror world or keep his/her level and fight more difficult enemies?

And why can't someone just start a completely new account? What would be the difference between mirror world and a new account?
You mean as opposed to new and original content? I personally loved the Shadow realm.

Fortress is a copy of other games
Underworld is a copy of other games
Arena Manager is a copy of other games

Mirror World is a copy of Shakes and Fidget
It would allow a ton of new content with little effort
It would also reduce the insane effort needed to optimize tower companions if the mirror realm shops sold items for all classes

I believe if the mirror realm brought more content with relative ease, most people would be fine with it.
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