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I agree with the concerns. The fortress honour system gives a massive advantage to those who have low fortress upgrade levels - whether by design or accidentally. I started a character on DE1 server the day the fortress came out - a day earlier than elsewhere. Because of the high gold cost he was unable to build the fortress to begin with. So he started late when the costs were reduced but because of that he has soared to position 115 in the rank. On UK2 a player in my guild was on holiday when the fortress came out and so again started late. He has deliberately avoided upgrading some buildings to keep his upgrade low and has soared to no 1 on the rank and is now way in the lead. In both cases this is because they can find soft targets far more easily than players with higher upgrade levels.

I suppose the only points in favour of the current system are that it is different and that it does allow low level players to shine.