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Lightbulb TSI - total strength index

I've been thinking about this idea for some time now, as I seen it in few other games.

TSI - Total strength index would show how player is strong comparing to his level. Aka every level he need to enlarge his stats to maintain TSI.
TSI will depend on all stats but mainly on main stat(str for warriors, int for mages... ) , con and luck.

My "only" problem is to find decent formula for TSI. This is current form:
TSI = (x*main + y*con + z*luck + k*(sum of secondary stats)) / lvl
where x > y, y > z, z > k
eg. for warrior
TSI = (1*str+ 0.75*con + 0.5*luck + 0.2*(dex+int)) / lvl

My research show that for maintaining TSI you need to add somewhere lvl/5 to main 3 stats (at least on my level, and Im 305 ) or more.

Lurking on other servers/forums I noticed that highest players stop adding to secondary stats somewhere 2000-2300, and focus on main 3, with this results: luck - up to 3000, con - up to 3500 , main stat - I see up to 9000+

Anyone has idea for formula??
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