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Default shields for the witch

I find the game unbalanced when it comes to warriors using shields.
Why? Well, it takes up one slot in the weapon shop when you look for new weapons, and it takes up one additional slot in your inventory if you want to hold different type of equipment! Percentually, that's a lot.
To balance it, the other two classes should have something similar to a shield, rather than a monster weapon. Alternatively, warriors should have a larger backpack.
Neither of this may not happen, I recon... so I suggest as minimum, to put shields as one of the possible required ingredients by the witch.
It is not fair that shields NEVER give twice the amount as in shops for selling. If I win a shield in the twister - I can just as well sell it immediately, rather than waiting for the right day where it is worth the double price.
Other classes may not have shields to sell... well, too bad. That's not less unfair, than how it is today. No need to say: same story for items you may win in a fight. Percentually, the warrior has a disadvantage here.