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Default September Contest

September Contest

Task: it's time for a quiz again! I hope it is not too tough! Reeeead my miiiiiind!

1) Open your scrapbook. A shield celebrates its birthday. How old is it?

2) The name and flavor text of another shield refer to a famous rock band. What is it called?

3) The first word in the band's name is the first part of a pet name. What's the second part?

4) The second part of the pet name is the name of a video game handheld. What's the name of the company?

5) Imagine you needed five years to answer all questions. How old is the shield mentioned in 1) now?

Send the answers to all five questions!

Important: if a solution is hidden in a background image, you need to look at the browser or Steam version of the game!
If a certain item, monster, dungeon or text in general is required, switch to the English version of the game!
The winners will be randomly selected! If there are less than 5 correct entries, the total will be shared among all correct entries!

Deadline: 30 September

How to participate & rules: Link

Important: always submit your account name and server with your entry. Otherwise it won't be valid.

Players on US servers: please enter "Community Contest US" as PM subject!

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