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In the higher levels, the game has to be slow. BUT NOT THAT MUCH! I'd recommend a new XP curve above level 393, nothing dramatic but enough to apply a difference (instead of 2 weeks to get 1 level, maybe 1 week or 1+1/2 week).

I really liked those packs (but not the 'One time boost'). And making them regular would settle an huge difference between the big whales and low spenders, so imagine something like "random discounts in the mushrooms shop" where you'd get those offers for 24h - it's up to you if you want to buy them or not. Those offers would appear with an interval of several months (2, maybe even 3).

Besides, similar to the golden frame, you can also imagine golden epic sets - entire sets (from belts to weapons), one/two for each class, with amazing and shiny designs that would be sold for a lot of mushrooms (500/1000 seems reasonable, since this is just for exhibition purposes lol)

Regarding the events, each one would have a certain amount of quests (maybe 30?) that could be completed over the course of 14 days. You'd get a fixed amount of *insert event-currency name* for each quest completed, and you could use those *insert event-currency name* in the event shop to unlock rewards: everything from small xp boosts (10% for 24h, 20% for 48h, etc etc), gold boosts, epics, resources for blacksmith/fortress/underworld (big quantities), whatever! You can also imagine rewards for specific events.

About those new avatars, new backgrounds, etc etc I don't think that's necessary.

I'll create a 100% detailed post about my previous 'fortress kind' suggestion.
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