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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
It shouldn't matter how old their phone is as any android app should be able to work on any android phone. I for one wont buy a new phone for an app nor could I afford to do so even if I wanted to.
sounds nice as a theory, but unfortunately it cannot work that way due to economical reasons.

For each version of an OS you need to maintain in a project, you have to keep a budget for it (even if trivial, the complexity increases for every little thing that your new version does that the OS cannot support directly).

So what you do is say that I will not support an OS that has less than X% people using it. In my old company, OS versions were deprecated after less than 2% of our client base used it. The biggest such leap was with Gingerbread ( 2.3 ) which included MANY different ways of doing things, and you basically had two completely different programs, but only one pool of people to maintain them.

After a while, developers would moan in frustration when they had to support bugs in the "old" version, since they had to "reinvent the wheel" to do things that were simple in the new OS version. End result: we deprecated Froyo when it dropped under 8%, since it was giving us so many headaches!

I suppose the same applies here, even though I think they use a transpiler from Flash to app code, which should resolve most of these issues...
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