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I'm sorry but I'm going against what I said in my previous post: I'll be ungrateful and give my full-honest opinion about this.

No, I didn't like the update. I decided to wait till the patch came out and not judge Playa before that, but the truth is that I wasn't excited nor waiting great things when the "biggest surprise" was first announced. Following the last updates, everyone was expecting a failure from Playa Games. Again.

I understand how you thought ranking system could "replace" the servers fusion. And I honestly liked the idea. Yeah, there is a huge time gap between some servers, but I'm okay with that. It means that people who've been playing since 2009 and are still in the top ranking can finally be rewarded for their effort. But what about the other players? Can you imagine rank1 guild from Canada (which is a super inactive server with maybe 2-3 active players) fighting a rank1 guild from a german server? It's a new competitive system but it's unfair at the same time.

And, by the way, is that your definition of one of the two biggest updates of the year? Before the assassin's update, Playa Games said that "the Shakes & Fidget team here at Playa Games is determined to improve everything this year". And what do they give us?

1. New class with same items and abilities AND a new dungeon;
2. International ranking for top1 players/guilds of each server;
3. High-resolution graphics.

Is this what they mean with "determined to improve everything"? COME ON!

I can already imagine that the "fall update" is going to be the new graphics and some minor thing (maybe shadow pets dungeons? LOL), so I'm not even excited about it. I mean, I already said that if the "biggest update in 3 years" turns out to be a failure, that I'd quit after 8 years - and that's what I'm going to do.

This is probably the first time in 10 years of online-gaming that I saw a company ruin an awesome game. This games has so much potential and yet Playa keeps coming with this type of content. BUT, don't get me wrong, I liked the new-graphics preview! (Wondering if the fortress/underworld buildings will also have new graphics). But it's not a priority! Flash won't go away until maybe 2020, so why not dedicate 1 year and 3 months like you did for the 3.0 version, to create some new content directed for players and/or guilds? I can already imagine a dungeon after 15 months of hard work: new monsters, new mechanics, new rewards, new items. Now, THAT would be SUPER! But hey, f*ck that team, let's focus on some new-wow-hyper graphics!

To finally end this post, I saw this on Facebook and even that I laughed a lot, I also agree with it: "So now we can get bored in high-res graphics? Neat! I am also thrilled."
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