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Your issue as a company is a lack of transparency, that's why a lot of people have negative feedback, well mostly. There are games that provide constant information on what they are* doing, what are the plans for the future and definitely, provide previews of content even a month before it's released.

Tell us what you are planning to do in the fall update, tell us what are the plans for the future like you'd used to.

I obviously understand the importance of graphics and flash dying, which is why I haven't criticized it. What I fail to understand is your attitude with the dungeons which again is a transparency issue - if you are going to link it with something - tell us. If not, increase the experience by some amount, add gold - a chance for something? Anything really.

Tell me, what's the thought process of spending 10m gold for a fight that provides nothing? And also, on higher floors - you aren't guaranteed to win? Passing new guild dungeon should be exciting.
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