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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
It depends on server load and your email provider. Sometimes our emails are moved to your spam folder (and many players forget to look there) or they use spam filters that block them.

Today was a very busy day. Normally, my email provider receives S&F emails instantly but not this time. If servers are flooded for hours a huge delay is the result, just like cars and a traffic jam.
I know having not standard email address can slow down the process or even message won't be sent but I guess 90% people have email addresses like me. It's true shakes&fidget messages land on spam folder.
I guess 90% people like me don't change spam settings on their gmail accounts so what's the problem then?

Gmail is such huge email that processing shakes&fidget messages are like nothing not even close to 0,001% of total traffic.

The question arises itself - from where do you send verification emails? is it some kind of unknown German mailbox provider or - which source is on the internet page then who is hosting this page and at which speeds it is purchased?

I think the problem arises from this page then:
Meaby too slow speeds purchased to support email verifications when new servers are launched + very bad support for and other mailboxes what causes that generated verification e-mails are landing in spam folders.

When the server is flooded also facebook verification is broken not processing information, account activated but mushrooms sent and somewhere stuck in traffic resulting with no mushrooms for a player who activated an account.

Werid fact, I haven't had this kind of verification issues in any similar games, (even in ogame at the start of a new universum, which is yours product too)?

So, what really causes this state of affairs and why other games have no problems with this?

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