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Default Questions About Item Rune Bonuses

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't see anything like this.
I'd appreciate it if someone could answer a question about how the rune bonuses work, as I've got +39% gold bonus from quests and I can't see it making any difference.
1. Do you have to have the items equipped for the bonus to work? Or is being in the back pack enough (if the latter that might explain why i see no difference when comparing).

So my quest giver has three quests offing different gold rewards:
I 453,696
II 890,573
III 1,263,788

THe gold reward for each quest doesn't change if I equip or unequip the gear with the gold bonuses on.
Final reward for completing quest III 1,390,166 so roughly 10% over the original advertised reward, but I can't see this is related to the rune bonus since that is at 39%. So at what point does the rune bonus get factored in?
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