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Shadow Wolves hunt in a pack,
Shadow Wolves kill in a pack
The pack is everything, the pack is one.
Darkness in every corner,
the Shadow Wolves lurking within

You are an enduring and reliable player and want to live your live in a clear structured guild?
You know how doughy it´s like to play a high-level account above LV300 and though you already do it?
You know that any team is capable of much more achivements than the single person?

Join the Shadow Wolves, the current world record keeper for Raid 50 and guild portal success (33%).
Fight toghether with us side aside and beat down all foes on our way to the top.


As some of you might think most of the server has become partially inactive.
This is not the case! It is just this forum here which is dead and so many of us hesitate to make big pushtreads since there is a risk that nobody will read them

Nevertheless we still have five open slots to settle an even with only 45 Member we were able to almost do Raid 21. Only 110k Hitpoints were left over.

So - we grow bigger and stronger every day.
Join us, join the pack!

Simple and efficient requirements:
- no minimum player level!
- shroom consumption means only ten / eleven beer per day and nothing else!
- continously filling up your collection book as fast as possible (no shrooms)
- no other needs for spending shrooms - never!

Guild Milestones:

Are you interested and / or are there any open questions?
Apply direct in this thread or contact my on LINE messenger (iudex_swolves)
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