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The thing here is that Playa Games itself has to rethink how they are working on S&F, because this is falling apart more and more every year.

Shakes & Fidget get so damn monotonous above level 350. Is literally doing portal, toilet, guild fights and 320 alu every single day. Imagine this routine on dying worlds, or even on players that already finished portal and toilet. What's left for them, besides doing thirst?

People want new things to try, and I want to say that we don't see new content, but at the same time that'd be unfair. However, let's be honest here:

- They presented us with a new dungeon with 1000 monsters. Players get excited, for what? To see a dungeon with every monster re-rolled into it? Nothing new?

- They presented us with 100 new guild dungeons. Once again, people get excited about it (I got, A LOT). For what? To see the same 50 previous raids once again, that doesn't even give any good reward.

- Underworld, considered the biggest update of 2017, not that I think it was bad (it's nice, I think) but after a few months, it loses its purpose. Ranking is messed up and once you beat the 1st player of the server its almost like "ok, my job here is done. Now all I have to do is farm him every day and build something once a week".

- Assassin: flop. Nothing else to comment. Once again Playa didn't disappoint us, by exactly disappointing us. If this was implemented in 2016 or something like it, people would get way more excited, but after everything we've seen so far, no one really expected too much of this. And it confirmed to be true by giving us a "new class" with zero new abilities, zero new items, zero nothing. Same stats, same items, same weapons. Ok lol

- The famous guild-update, scheduled for the first quarter of 2018, is now delayed to June (according to S&F official Facebook page). And once Playa informed us that the WHOLE NEW 100 RAIDS implemented in December were part of the guild-update, I simply can't expect too much of the update.

If the June update, the "biggest update in 3 years" turns out to be a failure, i will re-think if I'll continue to play or not. I don't get satisfied anymore and if I see that Playa keep playing us with non-sense updates, there's no reason to stay here.

So, please, Playa, start really thinking about what you're doing to this game and how you can correct that.
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