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Then you get min max..
And I found out how luck works.
Raising Secondaries is adding defense..

It happened as soon as my Dex hit it..
And my orifginal comment is mostly about How to find that info, as searching for it on the forum isnt easy.

For all the changes in this game over the years, Why this one has stay'd..
IMO, I dont think it hurts/maters after this point, what we are doing.. its mostly that we are trying to get PVP up to get to the top.
Setting everything to 10,000,000 per point increase, is Not allowing those Below the top, to have much of a chance, when the Top person is 500+..

removeing that Cap, would make this a race to put MORE then the other person into the builds.. The 10million only allows those that spent a TON on Shrooms to get ahead and stay there..
Im 379 #1 is 1353336 honor and about 200 lvl above me.. I cant chase him..I have no chance Unless he quits.
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