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Originally Posted by PziCrow View Post
So, you want to have the cost of skills go over 10.000.000?
Ever done a math trick about 2 cars following each other at the same speed?
the First one hit the City limits and has to slow, before the 2nd car catches up..Then they go the same speed as long as the First does not Slow or stop..

think about that when Everyone hits the Limit in game..
BAM! you all go the same speed.
If the person at the top, dont play for 1 day, I get a small chance.
If he goes on vacation, If he gets sick, if he does not play for more then a few days...More chance..but as soon as he in online again..No one has any chance to gain on him.
And Iv mentioned before about a Indicator to show if Others are playing..So I can Know if those 200+ above me are still playing. Even with that, they Still fight as if they have played forever, if you attack individuals.. If we attack Clans, it nice to know Before we attack that 2/3 of that clan arnt playing, It gives us a big chance to know WHO and how many we are going to fight.
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