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Originally Posted by Pomurnik View Post
Its not his fault that top1 started playing earlier than you/playing smarter than you/spend more money than you or he is just better than you.
Removing cap will be totally unfair. 10 mil cap for 1 stat point is fine.

And you spent too much gold for other stats. You dont need too much luck, str and int when your primary stat is dex. Even top 1 (521 lvl) on old server where I am playing has ~2800 base stat of luck, 3k int and 3,6k of dex but he is a warrior. If you want to have these stats at higher values then use epic items and black gems.
So, you like min max? I dont.
and there is bonus from str and Int, if you didnt know..
I like the slow build, and you are guessing REAL hard about how long Iv played..
Im on s1, and been here along time..
But the math speaks for itself. If everyone has the 10m restriction, and is playing, no one will catch up to the leaders. so you night as well quit, or Spend LOTS of money on shrooms.. Because the Drops are pretty bad until there is an event..but then the leaders get those also..

Or you might take the restriction off using the Hall of fame, so I can go down and beat up allot of the Lower 300,000 get my book filled. Waiting 10 min for each battle kinda sucks..
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