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But how players that are lower lvl than 50 can participate in GR ? i think they can see the button its gray but they can see it i think or is it made that when leader or offices makes GR all other members can see it then ? if lvl 50 is needed to see button then i am gona go lvl and see later

P.s I found my answer on german forum:
Hinweis: Es muss nur EIN Offi oder Gildenleiter Stufe 50 erreicht haben
Bespiel: Eine Gilde hat einen Gildenleiter mit Stufe 50 und einen Offizier mit Stufe 30, auch dieser kann einen Gildendungeon starten.

Translated it means: a guild needs only 1 leader or officer to be lvl 50 then all guild members get the GR button and eaven if leader is 50 and offecer 30, officer can anounce GR attack. So Leander if posible lock this and write in this info so ppl dont ask again about this. Thx

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