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Originally Posted by Valkyra View Post
The more runes you have, the better rune-enchanted items you can find in the shops.

For example, at 1.000 runes you can find items with 2% elemental damage, 2% gold bonus, etc. At over 1.000.000 runes the bonus is a bit higher so you can find items with 3-4% elemental damage, 3-4% gold bonus, etc. and so on.

Basically you aim for the maximum rune bonuses which are:
XP for quests, max. +10%
Gold for quests, max. +50%
Chance of epics (shops), max. +50%
Improved item quality, max. 5
Hit points, max. +15%
Fire damage, max. +60%
Cold damage, max. +60%
Lightning damage, max. +60%
Fire resistance, max. +75%
Cold resistance, max. +75%
Lightning resistance, max. +75%
Total resistance, max. +25% per item, up to +75% for all items
So there’s no cap for multiples of the same runes other then total resistance? So I could have all my gear sloted with say +xp runes or +gold runes and not have to worry about them capping? Or are the caps mentioned above max for their bonus ?
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