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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
Actually you do get knocked down in fortress not in losing honor but others gaining it and if it means others attacking the weaker players who attack a lot then so be it that is the way the fortress is suppose to be.
honor is the best way to tell who the active attackers are not upgrades.
True, but the lost attacks in the fortress are expensive: all the stolen resources + the resources of rebuilding your defenses (archers and mages). This keeps you from being able to build defenses, gem mine, hall of knights, academy... so it does affect your character

The result is that the strong players will farm way too much from the weaker ones, weakening them even more (as they cannot build).
I for one have stopped using the attack function in the fortress: I was being attacked every 9-10h, unable to build defenses because I was stolen more than I was producing. I have decided to spend as many resources as I can on the hall of knights, and to stop attacking; hoping the strong players get high enough in the ranks to leave me behind.

That said: I believe the problem I am describing is not caused by the new honor system, but by the sudden switch of power due to the change in it. I think that as time goes by and players are playing with it in mind, this unbalance will decrease.