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Originally Posted by Knytul View Post
yeah, i dont think so

a buddy of mine recently started the game. By the time he was level 50, he had over 75% of the scrapbook completed. He is now 105, has 85% completed. I know PLENTY of 200+ who STILL dont have that much completed.
Probably because they haven't spent the time to kill level 40 player characters, maybe? Obviously if you're going to spend a lot of time fighting people with items you're yet to see you're going to fill the album up faster - that's not the point. The point was that higher level characters start with a greater % of the album full, and with a small amount of effort will (should) reach 50%. 50% extra experience on every quest is an enormous bonus - more than half the guilds don't offer that. All for 25 gold.

I think the album is a good idea - I'm not knocking the concept entirely, merely the execution.