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Default Stable & Pets

Stable & Pets


Don't want to walk? - Get yourself a mount! It will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a quest!

Input: click menu button // press S key // press K key twice

1: Lease or extend your Mount here

2: Door to your Pets. Can only be accessed at level 75+.

List of Mounts and their effects on traveling time:

Griffin, Dragon Griffin: -50%
Blue Tiger, Raptor: -30%
Horse, Wolf: -20%
Cow, Pig: -10%

Hint: You can replace an already leased Mount with a faster one but the old Mount will be lost!

Hint: The Mount selection varies for the two factions but costs and stats are the same.

Hint: The "environmental reward" can only be collected once.


Pets enrich our lives! What would we do without those little fellas that are soft, cuddly and make poo poo day by day?

2.0 screenshot, new fruit basket (Christmas update 2018):

Input: click Stable menu button twice // click door (Stable) // press K key // press S key twice
Required: Level 75+

1: The five Elements.

2: Your Pets. Gray out: Pet unlocked but not found yet. Question mark: not unlocked yet.

3: Feed your Pets with different kinds of fruits.

4: The Attributes and Class of a Pet.

5: The Habitat of the selected Element. Click the Habitat button to fight in the Habitat and unlock new Pets.

6: Pet fights against other players.

Pets are divided into 5 elements and colors: Shadow (pink), Light (yellow), Earth (green), Fire (red) and Water (blue), with 20 pets each (14 common, 4 rare and 2 Epic ones).
If you are level 75+, you can find a nest with precious eggs on every quest that does not have an Item reward displayed. The nest contains 5 Pets out of the total of 100 creatures. At first, you do not know much about these strange creatures. Therefore, you are familiar with only 3 per Element, which means you can only find those as Quest rewards.
If you want to find and collect more Pets, you have to defeat them in Habitat fights.

Habitat fights

5 Elements, 5 Habitats!

The Pets of each element live in a special Habitat. Pick one of the Pets you already own and send it into battle! Bear in mind that every Pet has different Attributes, Levels and Classes (Warrior, Mage, Scout) and has certain advantages over and disadvantages against its Opponents. Defeat a Pet in a Habitat fight to unlock it and gain XP, Gold and Pet food (a fruit) for the Element you just defeated.

Official Pet Collecting Guide: Link

Hint: You can start a Habitat fight once an hour. Habitat fights use the Dungeon and Tower countdown timer.

Upgrading Pets

There are three ways to upgrade your Pets:

1. The power of the pack

The more Pets of an element you have, the better they feel among their own kind. Every Pet in a pack raises all of their attributes by +5%.

2. Pet food

You can find Pet food (fruits) on Tavern Quests (unless an Item reward is displayed), for winning Habitat fights or from Dr. Abawuwu's Fortune Apparatus (Level 95+). Every Pet of an Element has its favorite food (3) it can be raised and upgraded with - up to level 200. Feeding Pets works like drinking Potions (drag and drop gesture or right mouse button). You can feed a Pet up to three times a day. Dots next to displayed Level indicate the Pet's hunger. If the creature is not hungry anymore, the Level will be grayed out.
Please note that you can only feed a Pet up to level 100 if you haven't unlocked all Pets yet!

3. The Habitat

Every Element consists of 20 Pets. You start the game with a knowledge of 3 of them. The further you venture into a Habitat (5), the more native creatures you discover. Keep in mind that a common upgraded starter Pet might be less strong than a Level 1-Pet of the same Element you unlock later in the game.

Fighting against other Pets

Click one of the sword icons to tell your Pets to attack the Pets of other players in the game. Your whole pack of a certain color will attack the whole pack of your Opponent then.

Every day you are matched against a random Opponent and Element. You have to decide which of your packs you want to send into battle. Choose wisely!

Certain Elements have the edge over others. Shadow is effective against Water, Light repulses Shadow, Earth fends off Light, Fire has a bonus against Earth, Water is good for fighting Fire.

The screenshot (6) shows the Opponent's Element and your Pets' Level total. You can use every pack/Element only once a day, which limits battles to 5 a day. Defeat another player's pack to gain Honor and win a Fruit for the color you just defeated. If your attack is not successful, you lose Honor in the Hall of Fame for Pets.
If you are the defender you can only win or lose Honor but gain no Fruit reward.

Hint: You can send your Pets into battle every 15 minutes or use 1 Mushroom.

Pets & bonuses

What is the benefit of Pets apart from being cuddly?

The 100 Habitat fights give you Gold and XP. Moreover, the packs boost your hero's respective Attributes by +1% per Pet.

Shadow Pets: Constitution bonus
Light Pets: Dexterity bonus
Earth Pets: Intelligence bonus
Fire Pets: Luck bonus
Water Pets: Strength bonus

Moreover, if a pet reaches Level 100 you get an additional bonus of +0.5%. The bonus is increased to +0.75% at Level 150 and even +1% at Level 200.

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