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Originally Posted by Maharg View Post
In a post from December 2013 Leander says

+ Before the patch Aura was only raised by flushing the Arcane Toilet. Now Aura is also increased with every available spell scroll the witch finished brewing.
+ Items improved by your Aura cost less

As I am thick I should be grateful for further understanding

1. How is aura increased by spell scrolls?
2. Do you have to buy the scrolls to obtain an increase?
3. Is there an increase every time a scroll is purchased?
4. What does "Items improved by your Aura cost less" mean?

Thank you.
leander says we get less gold then we use to but tbh I never noticed a decrease in gold earned. But be that as it may I did notice a decrease in cost of potions and other items so I think that is in part what "items improved by your aura cost less" means.

Also an fyi incase you or others didn't know aura level of arcane toilet give a bonus to stat bonuses of items in shops. I am not sure what it give for normal items or all stat but it was figured out for 3 stat items for each level of aura you have you get a +4 to stat bonus.

example you have an aura of 10 and find a 3 stat item in weapons shop. and it has a stat bonus for str, con, and luck of 450; 40 points of each stat bonus is from aura. I don't know how much if any the scrolls give.
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