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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
it does make you wonder how the changes will be for exp now that they raised the cap. They will need to do so if they keep lowering how much exp you get a day. but also realize that as exp drops gold goes up.
Actually 10kk cap on gold per quest makes the things quite different.

For example lvl 400 gains approximately more 250% of gold choosing the gold quests (10 min quest: gold is 8kk, exp is 3kk). At lvl 480 difference is only 20% (10 min quest: gold is 10kk, exp is 8kk).

Issue is related to long quests like 10 minutes and 7.5 minutes. On low ones gold quests still bring 100-150% more gold.

1) So at some level there will be no big advantage between gold and exp quests in terms of gold acquired i.e. all quests will be capped for 10kk

2) I don't see the aim of playing for gold. For example once you clear all except shadow esteros why do you need sacrifice levels for attributes? For pvp ? My 487 toon with 72k int and 40k hp still losing to 443 archer with 47k dex and 19k hp
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