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Default Hall of Fame & International Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame & International Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

It's the taking part that counts, right? While this might be true for some players others want to be among the best and climp up in the rankings. No more "I am the best!" vs. "Nooo, I am the best" verbal duels as our rankings are unbiased!

Input: click menu button // press H key

1: Switch between the different rankings in the game.

2: The rank, name, Guild and Honor of a player.

3: Enter a name or rank to view this player.

Press H multiple times to switch between all rankings.

Hint: a darker name means you already attacked this player in your current game session.
Hint: the Underworld Hall of Fame ranks all players by their "Max. Souls" value. In case of a draw the Level of the Keeper comes into play.

International Hall of Fame

Input: click menu button twice // press H key multiple times

Every day at 6 p.m. (CET) the best Guild and hero of every server enter the race for the international crown. The system is the same for Guilds and heroes:

The last place of this new international ranking fights against the second to last Guild/hero. If the last place wins it swaps positions with the rank above and the fight is sent to the Mail box of both Guilds/heroes. In case the last place loses this fight is only sent to its Mail box and the second to last Guild/hero is allowed to fight the Opponent one rank higher in the rankings. These steps are repeated until the very top.

In the special case that the third place fights and wins against the second place, the first place does not have to fight on that day and stays uncontested.

The results are sent to all servers at midnight (CET) and the rankings are refreshed. Afterwards the new international rankings will be live for the next 24 hours.

By the way, in case a hero or Guild loses the top spot on the local server, the new number one automatically gets the international rank of the former local number one and replaces it for the next fight.

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