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Originally Posted by Kraggori View Post
It continues to worsen. Projected progress forward in the oktillions to nonillions is that it takes twice as much time to reach the next order of magnitude in runes as it did the last one. So to get from say 10 oktillion to 100 otillion will take twice as long as it did to get from 1 to 10.

This might sound fine, since it only takes twice as long to cover 10 times the count? No, its not. At this rate, depending what multiplier you use, your progress all but halts forever well before you will ever see max elemental damage on your weapon. Other bonuses can be combined thankfully to achieve the max bonus well below its single max, but since you can only get elemental bonus damage from weapons you will never see the max. Right now, the sun will go supernova before this can be achieved unless the return on breakpoints is changed from x4 to something significantly more.

Keep in mind these calcs are with all boosts and getting lucky enough and buying a 7 day skip everyday. If you have no boosts and never plan to buy a skip you are in an even much worse situation.

Most players are still in the rapid uptick phase riding the 1000 toilet cash flow, and everything looks rosy but that advancement comes to a screaming halt quickly when the costs continue to rise steeply, but your income doesn't. This is not just a matter of things slowing down, this is a matter of advancement slowing so badly you will never see another increase in your enchantment bonuses.

I welcome anyone to show me that the math is wrong and that somehow something magical will happen somewhere and it wont take years to get passed e50 runes.

Yes, it was way to ridiculous on the pre-rollback for rate, and it was fine once we started for real, but the breakpoints at 2500,5000, and 10k need to be much much more than just x4 returns. Start with x32 or 64 at 2500 maybe, similar jumps at 5k and 10k
It's only about trillion years to reach maximum cap (and around 20 times more for non shroomers) Before that happen probably I will solo kill all hydras and "new" guild raids
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