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Originally Posted by Bortas View Post
I will not destroy all my warriors just to prove me right. Use logic and you will see Im right. As you said 10 warriors can get through 200 lvl wall (9 with luck, 11 are certainty). Then, even with archers little stronger, remaining warriors should be able to wipe them all (+-few). And for second attacker, 35 warriors against 15 mages and maybe few archers, in what universe they could possilby lose?

And to second part, that is usable strategy on new server but not on old where almost all active players can reach each other (around 200 players). And it would be too boring. I played actively since fortress was introduced, suffered many defeats, achieved many victories and it was awesome but now I deserve a little peace.

I just think system is just ok right now, with 2 players with same progress, deffender has advantage so attacker must look for someone weaker, someone who doesnt play regularly and lags behind the others. You should be rewarded for active gameplay, otherwise the game would be frustrating. And this principle goes through all game, you play often and effectively, you are stronger than player who dont a mostly you beat him (btw, with this, pet system is incomparably more broken than fortress). A thats how it should be (ofc different matter with shrooms but its necessary evil).
Then meaby you should start playing a single player game? Ogame is the example of a very good strategy game, the best on browser in my opinion in which you can build your defense even 3 years and got destroyed in a single blow. That is what fascinate us in games, I don't like static gameplay where I'm safe all the time "because I play too long and I deserve it".
It is like promoting attack on weaker enemies, on players which started playing on server later than you - that's why I think players with maxed fortress should be at least a bit more careful about their defense.