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It's a calm and warm day. You can even hear some birds warble in the woods.
The nature is quite lively today for this dark part of the forest. Maybe, it's because the tufty, fluffy Plushies again used the chance to relax a bit.
Wait, 'a bit'? You really have to look closely to see where something happened.
A few cuties built a new shelf together even though they didn't need to.
[One more spot in our fortress!]
The new shelf actually has embellishments and is fixed on a big willow.
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where the Plushies can relax together and don't have to watch out wether they could come off the forked branches?
Who knows, maybe they'll build a treehouse, maybe they'll just keep sitting in the moss or on the branches.

The Mob took a day off.
[Treasure upgrade: still 70% / Instructor upgrade: still 80% ]
But they definitely deserved it. They can be proud of what they created in such a short timespan.

Sometimes, it's wonderfull to be lazy.
Anyway, the little beasties want to have their fun and have found their next victims while they sat on their trees gazing into the distance.
Differently to the last days, they'll attack their victims at midnight now.
Just hope, that their enemies aren't too surprised by the short midnight-visit.
Wanna join the Dark Plushy Mob on the international server?
Just contact me per PM in the forum or ingame!

♪♫ Live loud. ♫♪
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