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The day has come. Feathers and fur waft through the air 'cause the fluffy creatures run through their woods like furies.
Everybody is searching for their emergency chocolates and any other stuff which's sweet.
Since they couldn't get loose from that mysterious saying of the woodpecker, they made a plan.
The last few days they exercised as much as they could, trained themselfs in cuddling everyone down until they asked for mercy.
They became that good that even the worst enemies who were sneaking up in their territory haven't had a chance.
And now they think they are also ready to fight those dangerous critters of which the woodpecker told them.
So, right now they're packing their bags with the most important things, also the chocolates,
and then go off to find that place behind the woods.
Even if the Plushies don't really care about the other associations, they want to show the beasts that it's the Mob's forest.
[First raid on Tuesday, 14th July at 2 AM ]

Sadly, some Plushies already left or had to leave.
But that didn't restrain sympathizers from joining the cuddly Mob.
Still, there's enough space for totally innocent little cuties who think that a big plushy bunch could be the perfect place to live in.
Wanna join the Dark Plushy Mob on the international server?
Just contact me per PM in the forum or ingame!

♪♫ Live loud. ♫♪
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